Understanding Air Gun Hunting

Understanding Air Gun Hunting

A camo air rifle that could be used for air gun hunting

Although many people associate air guns with more basic models used as childhood toys, modern air rifles are incredibly powerful and can be used for a variety of purposes, including hunting. You can take down small game, such as small birds and rabbits, with a 22-caliber air rifle. Air gun hunting is popular among those who wish to test their accuracy and hunting skills and at AirFire Tactical, you can find high-quality air rifles to use for this purpose.

Why Air Gun For Hunting?

If you’re used to hunting with firearms, you may be wondering what the benefits of hunting with an air gun could be. There are many reasons people choose to pursue air gun hunting and in many ways, it is very similar to bow hunting. Skill and accuracy are essential and although it is often “harder” to take down game with an air gun, it can be a fun way to test your skills. Many bowhunters take an interest in air rifle hunting because of these similarities.

Some benefits of using an air gun for hunting:

Less Noise Than A Firearm

While an air rifle isn’t entirely silent, the noise is still less pronounced than a traditional gun. This difference in sound makes air guns a good choice for more populated areas and you can also use them to target shoot on your property with fewer problems. However, you still need to check local regulations before using your air gun, especially for hunting.

Cleaning is Easier

To maintain efficiency, you will typically need to clean the barrel of a firearm after every session when you use it. Since air guns don’t use powder, they stay clean for longer, and there’s no chemical build-up.

Test Your Accuracy

The fact that air gun hunting requires accuracy is a downside for some hunters, but it can be a big benefit for others who are looking for a challenge. Air gun hunting is an opportunity to test your marksmanship.

What To Know Before Hunting With an Air Gun

Some things to be aware of before you start air gun hunting include:


Before you do any type of hunting, you need to know the local laws. Some areas don’t allow air gun hunting at all, and others only allow it if you use a specific caliber, have a gun that meets certain requirements, et cetera. A license is often necessary for air gun hunting and hunting in general. If you live in the United States, contact your local Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) office for more information.


Air rifles are not toys, and you need to handle them with care. If you’re used to using firearms, you should already know the basic rules of gun safety. You should follow these with air rifles as well.

The four basic rules of gun safety are:

  • Assume any gun you pick up is loaded.
  • Don’t point your gun at anything or anyone you don’t wish to shoot.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • Know your target and what is beyond it.

In addition, never use your air gun while intoxicated, and follow all instructions for your specific model.


With any type of hunting, it’s essential to work to ensure a humane kill. With air guns, you’ll need to be aware of the caliber you are using and whether it is enough to kill the game you are hunting quickly. Additionally, accurate shot placement is important. Headshots are the most effective, and shots to the heart or lungs can also kill the animal quickly. A shot that hits elsewhere can cause more pain and a slower death. You should be sure you are shooting from a range where you are confident you will make the shot. If you aren’t sure, do not take the shot.

Find High-Quality Air Rifles

At AirFire Tactical, we carry high-quality air rifles that you can use for hunting and other purposes.

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