Tips on Improving Air Rifle Accuracy

Tips on Improving Air Rifle Accuracy

A PCP rifle, representing air rifle accuracy

Owning an air rifle can be a fun experience, and as you become more proficient, they become more enjoyable to use. When looking at improving the accuracy of your air gun, look at two different areas: the weapon itself and how you use it.

Here are some tips for improving airgun accuracy:

Air Rifle and Accessories

  • Break-in your air gun: Any new air rifle has a breaking-in period. As you practice with your new gun, your accuracy will improve.
  • Clean your rifle: A clean rifle and bore will always shoot more accurately than a dirty one.
  • Inspect your gun: It is crucial to inspect your weapon before each use. Over time, screws can loosen. Make sure everything is tight. Also, check for damage on the crown of the air rifle. The crown is the end of the barrel and the only exposed part of the barrel. This area can get damaged as you use your gun. Never put the gun barrel pointed down into the ground, and be careful not to bang it into trees or other obstacles as you carry it.
  • Use a good scope: The scope and scope mount are essential. A high-quality scope can differentiate between a good shot and a great one.
  • Use better pellets: There are many different types of pellets on the market today. Choosing the right one can help increase your accuracy. Every shooter has their preferred pellet, and trying out different types will help you find which one you like best. Once you find your perfect pellet, stick with it.

Shooting Tips

  • Consistent Contact Points: Developing good grip habits by holding your air rifle precisely the same way every time you shoot will help accuracy. Newer shooters are often tempted to rest the rifle’s barrel on stationary platforms such as tree branches or fences. Instead, always use your non-trigger hand to steady the gun. Even if you are resting it on a platform, it should still be in the palm of your hand.
  • Stable body position: Choosing a stable body position is vital for accuracy while shooting. The more stable you are, the less likely the gun barrel will move when you fire. That is why you will see a lot of experienced hunters lying down while hunting. Laying down is the most stable position for firing, followed by kneeling, standing against a tree or wall, and freestanding.
  • Slow and steady: Slow breathing and a steady trigger finger will help make sure your aim is true. The U.S. military has an acronym they use to help create good habits in their soldiers: BRASS. This acronym stands for breathe, relax, aim, slack, and squeeze. The last two refer to trigger discipline. Squeeze the slack out of the trigger before you take your shot, and then do not jerk or pull the trigger and instead gently squeeze it.

AirFire Tactical Can Help

Improving the accuracy of your air rifle requires commitment and the right gear. We have high-quality air rifles and accessories.

Contact AirFire Tactical today for any of your air rifle needs.

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