Does Dry Firing Damage An Air Rifle?

Does Dry Firing Damage An Air Rifle?

An air rifle that should not be dry fired

The concept of dry firing an air rifle has been discussed and debated for many years, with opinions ranging from outright prohibiting it to not considering it dangerous in any way. Dry firing is a situation in which a gun is ‘fired’ without having a round of ammunition available to be shot. The question many people are asking is, “Does dry firing damage an air rifle?”


The basic idea behind dry firing a gun is that it allows the shooter to practice the aim and feel of a shot without pushing an actual round of ammunition down the barrel. Dry firing an air rifle typically involves the shooter manually cocking the gun and releasing the trigger without a target or ammunition present. This is generally done to either develop muscle memory or to warm up for a more challenging target.


There are a few general agreements on dry firing air rifles. First, manufacturers generally recommend not dry firing any type of gun as a preventative measure against any possible damage to the weapon. Second, there are certain types of guns that may require some modifications in order to be dry fired safely. Third, and most importantly, there is a lot of debate over whether or not dry firing an air rifle can actually cause permanent damage to the weapon.

Impact of Dry Firing

When it comes to looking at the impact of dry firing an air rifle specifically, there are a few things to consider. First, most air rifle barrels are made of steel or aluminum, and either material can suffer from premature wear when subjected to the impacts of dry firing. Aluminum barrels can also weaken over time if dry fired, and even steel barrels may experience some stress fatigue from repeated dry firing. Additionally, some parts on an air rifle such as the firing pin and the hammer may be damaged due to the tension generated from the simulation of a live round shot.

Should You Dry Fire Your Air Fire?

Ultimately, whether or not dry firing damages an air rifle depends on a variety of factors including the material of construction, the type of air rifle, and the number of dry fired rounds. Dry firing an air rifle can be a great way to practice, but it should always be done with caution in order to avoid any potential damage to the weapon.

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