Conceived, designed, and produced in a state-of-the-art facility, the Aselkon Ravello RX6 .22 Caliber PCP air rifle is a clear choice for discerning air gun enthusiasts. Each pre-charged pneumatic rifle is crafted from the highest-quality materials and has a beautiful and functional Turkish walnut stock. Its ergonomic grip and comfort recoil it makes it the perfect choice for all day hunting and target shooting. The Ravello features include Picatinny rails, adjustable trigger, sidelever action, manometer pressure gauge, and an index magazine.


Gauge: 5.5 mm /.22 cal
Muzzle Output Speed(*): 304 m/sn (1000 fps)
energy(*): Joules 54
Magazine Capacity: 12
Tube Volume: 550 cc
Filling Pressure: 250 bar
Number Of Shots: 110/100/85
Forearm Engraving: Turkish Walnut
Total Length: 1100 mm (43.30)
Barrel Length: 550mm (21.6)
Weight: 3750 gr
Binocular Rail: Yes
Replacement Magazine: Yes

*Velocity results can change according to the pellet shape, pellet weight, temperature, height as well as other environmental reasons.


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