The Aselkon MX9 .22 Caliber PCP air rifle was conceived, designed, and manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Turkey. Ever rifle is strictly tested for quality and accuracy. The MX9 has a Turkish walnut stock with an ergonomic grip and comfort recoil, making it perfect for all-day shooting. Its features include Picatinny rails, adjustable trigger, sidelever action, manometer, and an index magazine. It virtually recoil-less and is the perfect pre-charged pneumatic air rifle for competition, target practice, hunting, and backyard plinking.


Gauge: 5.5 mm /.22 ca1
Muzzle Output Speed(*): 304 m/sn (1000fps)
energy(*): Joules 54
Magazine Capacity: 12
Tube Volume: 500cc
Filling Pressure: 250bar
Number Of Shots: 90-80-65
Forearm Engraving: Turkish Walnut
Total Length: 1100mm
Barrel Length: 550mm
Weight: 3750gr


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