This MX7 Max 5 Aselkon air rifle boasts a distinctive camouflage pattern, synthetic stock, a comfort recoil, and ergonomic grip. Its features include an adjustable trigger, Picatinny rails, sidelever action, manometer, and an index magazine. It is perfect for all day competition, target practice, hunting, and backyard plinking. With its strict quality-control tests you can be assured of the quality of every Aselkon air rifle. Every pre-charged pneumatic air rifle is conceived, designed, and manufactured in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility out of high-quality materials.

22 Caliber Aselkon Air Rifle Features:

Gauge: 5.5 mm /.22 cal
Muzzle Output Speed(*): 288 m/sn (950fps)
energy(*): Joules 49
Magazine Capacity: 12
Tube Volume: 320cc
Filling Pressure: 200bar
Number Of Shots: 80-70-55
Forearm Engraving: Synthetic
Total Length: 850mm
Barrel Length: 550mm
Weight: 2750gr
Binocular Rail: Yes
Replacement Magazine: Yes

*Velocity results can change according to the pellet shape, pellet weight, temperature, height as well as other environmental reasons.


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